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Optimization of Blank Shape in Square Cup Deep Drawing Process

EasyChair Preprint no. 5854

7 pagesDate: June 23, 2021


Deep drawing is an important sheet metal forming process used in the production of cup-shaped components. It is having applications in various industrial as well as domestic fields such as automobile, aerospace, beverage, and household kitchen utensils in large quantities. The deep drawing processes have been affected by many factors such as blank shape, punch and die radii, operating speed, lubricating conditions, forming characteristics of the material, and many more. Maximizing drawability in the deep drawing process minimizes the manufacturing cost as well as the time associated with production. In order to obtain the optimal drawability of the deep drawing process, the shape of the blank places a vital role and it is necessary to study the blank shape for optimum design. The finite element method has been used in this paper for investigating the initial blank shape. The main superiority of the drawn cup with a modified blank is that the drawn cup is not only uniform height and shape but also of reduced punch load during the deep drawing process.

Keyphrases: blank, deep drawing, Finite Element Methods, Formability, numerical simulation

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