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A System Performance Analysis of Ship to Shore Operation Considering Crane Availabilities using Simulation Approach

EasyChair Preprint no. 2681

9 pagesDate: February 17, 2020


Indonesia is a state with many islands is a nation that has a difficulty in establishing national distribution logistics. In Eastern Indonesia the largest port is centered at Tanjug Perak and Surabaya Container Terminal. At present the port has not been able to expand due to limited land. To accommodate this problem, a new port development is needed. One of them is the construction of new ports with environmentally friendly labels such as the Teluk Lamong Port Terminal in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia. The definition of the problem prompted many logistic researchers to study the feasibility of port terminal productivity. One of the main activities at the port terminal is container loading and unloading activities. Container operational activities are the most complex cycles of all movements in containers. Equipment used in container loading and unloading at the Teluk Lamong Terminal includes Ship to Shore Crane, Automatic Stacking Crane, Combined Terminal Tractor, Reach Stacker, Stradlle Carrier. The research should be started from the crane avalabilities of ship to shore operations. Because of many complexity in the observed system, discrete event simulation is used to rate the terminal operation performance. The simulation is done for a 6 months, after the model of the simulations is verified and validated using statistic T-test, then the model is continue to see the scenario effect to the system. This scenario will find out the significant relationship between the arrange of the number of STS serving the ship and the system performance

Keyphrases: container terminal, Discrete Event Simulation, Port Logistics, Ship to Shore Crane

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