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Lattice Boltzmann Method for Simulating Flow Over Moving Bodies

EasyChair Preprint no. 9453, version 2

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9 pagesDate: January 20, 2023


In engineering applications, designs of mechanical systems found in marine engineering, insect flight, fish swimming, often meet the movements of the system's elements. These moving objects will contribute to the changes of hydrodynamics and thermodynamic coefficients. The complex motions are difficult to model because of complex geometry and high Reynolds number. In this study, we developed a fluid flow solver based on Lattice Boltzmann to resolve those difficulties. Validation of the solver is performed through two flow problems, including impulsively started flow past a single circular cylinder at Re=3000 and 9500 and pitching airfoil with large amplitudes and frequencies. The obtained results are in a good agreement with the experimental and computational results listed in the references.

Keyphrases: Lattice Boltzmann Method, Moving boundary, Viscous flow

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