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The Colectyng model for the evaluation ofGame-Based Learning Activities

EasyChair Preprint no. 3806

10 pagesDate: July 9, 2020


Games and/or play are often used in educational context asmediation. The resulting teaching or training activitys are however diffi-cult to assess. To set up a model to allow evaluating these activitys, wechoose to enrich an existing grid, that was developed in 2006 by Sara deFreitas and Martin Oliver, centered on pedagogical considerations. Wepropose to add dimensions relating to the game, the humans involved,and their interactions with the game. The resulting grid takes into ac-count COntext, LEarner, Course scenario, Teacher, plaY aNd Game,making the Colectyng framework.The model was then confronted to literature to see if we could completethe grid and whether all elements could fit in the model, assuming thatthe collecting framework would act as a meta-model. Altogether ouranalysis suggest that the colectyng framework indeed acts as a meta-model that could give a general view and could facilitate the articulationbetween more specialized models.

Keyphrases: evaluation, Framework, game-based learning

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