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Mechanical Properties of Biocomposites Based on Enzymatically Treated Date Palm Fibers and PBS Matrix

EasyChair Preprint no. 11250

11 pagesDate: November 6, 2023


Natural fibers reinforced composites gained recently a great attention from researchers who focused their studies on the production of environmentally and eco-friendly materials, while ensuring a sustainable development of industries. The final composites characteristics, considered for a particular application, depend on its integrated constituents properties as well as on the fiber/matrix interface. This is why soft fiber treatments are often recommended. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of the incorporation of date palm fibers, having undergone an enzymatic treatment, on the mechanical characteristics of PBS/palm fibers biocomposites. The enzymatic fiber treatment method and the time have been optimized by the reducing sugars released analysis. Fiber structure changes were determined by spectroscopic and morphologic analysis. The results showed that the treatment of fibers by combining the two enzymes xylanase and pectinase for 8 hours contributes to higher amounts of reducing sugars released, indicating a great removal of hydrophilic fractions. Microstructure tests showed an exposure of cellulose micro-fibrils that could improve the fiber/matrix interaction in the composite. Results related to Mechanical tests showed a significant increase in the Young modulus with the treated fibers compared to untreated ones. The improvement in the composites rigidity is explained by the increase in the fibers cellulose percentage with the biological treatment, which acts on the non-cellulosic components. The enzymatic treatment keeps the fibers natural morphology which improves the adhesion between fibers and matrix due to the increase in contact surfaces

Keyphrases: Biocomposites, Enzymatic treatments, Fiber/matrix interface, mechanical characteristics, PBS/palm fibers

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