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Assessing Teamwork Value in Project-based Learning of Capstone Project Course

EasyChair Preprint no. 2388

13 pagesDate: January 15, 2020


Teamwork is a crucial soft skill that need to be instilled to the undergraduates from Petroleum Engineering course in order to address the 10th and 12th Program Outcome outlined by the Engineering Accreditation Council for Malaysia higher education institution. Teamwork is beneficial to the students in order to build their self-confidence, exchange their opinions, develop critical and creative thinking to improve their learning process and serves as a life-long learning skill that could be utilized in the oil and gas industry and other engineering sectors. The key objective of this study is to investigate the teamwork in capstone project which is a summative assessment to address the affective domains to produce well rounded graduate. This study aims to examine the impact of teamwork in the process of project-based learning in the compulsory capstone course for final year students to their individual performance. Its assessment was claimed to be designed based on capstone project requirements by the Engineering Accreditation Council. The capstone course design is a project-based learning (PBL) approach as it is designed for group activity that will go on for two semesters. The research measured for the teamwork performance in four dimensions which is Working with Others, Planning and Organising, Effectiveness under Stress and Commitment to job. Additionally, this study deployed a quantitative method through a set of questionnaires. The design capstone course is unable to accommodate or evaluate excel teams of Teamwork performance and it addresses heavily on the cognitive domain through their Coursework performance. These findings could be an eye-opener to lecturers in designing appropriate student-centred learning approaches.

Keyphrases: capstone project, final year students, project-based learning, teamwork performance

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