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Automating Success: Research Perspectives on the Strategic Integration of Robotics Process Automation

EasyChair Preprint no. 11590

8 pagesDate: December 19, 2023


The research begins by establishing a theoretical framework that delineates the strategic considerations inherent in RPA implementation. Through an extensive review of industry literature and case studies, the study identifies key success factors, challenges, and strategic imperatives that influence the outcomes of RPA initiatives. A central component of this research is the analysis of strategic decision-making processes related to RPA adoption. The study delves into how organizations align RPA with overarching business objectives, navigate the complexities of technology integration, and create a roadmap for sustainable success. Insights are derived from interviews with industry experts, leaders, and practitioners actively engaged in the strategic deployment of RPA. The multifaceted impact of RPA on organizational structures, workforce dynamics, and customer experiences is examined. The research seeks to uncover how RPA contributes to operational efficiency, agility, and innovation, influencing not only internal processes but also external stakeholder interactions.

Keyphrases: Digital Transformation, Robotics Process Automation (RPA), Workforce Evolution

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