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Dockless bicycle sharing simulation based on Arena

EasyChair Preprint no. 985

7 pagesDate: May 12, 2019


Shared bicycle sites vehicle imbalance is very common. When users arrive at a site to rent or return a bicycle, they often encounter the problem of “no bicycle to borrow” and “no land to return”. Existing research, in response to the problem of unbalanced site demand, most scholars predict the demand for bicycle sites. In this study, the use of public bicycles at the site is analyzed from the perspective of simulation. The Arena simulation software is used as a tool to build a shared bicycle operation model, and three shared bicycle sites are established to simulate the user's arrival, riding, and bicycle use. Based on the simulation results, the unbalanced sites are determined. For unbalanced sites, use OptQuest to find the best decision-making plan. By changing the initial volume of bicycles at the site, reduce the number of users who can't be rented, the excess number of bicycles at the site, and the number of users waiting in the queue.

Keyphrases: Arena, initial bicycle volume, shared bicycle simulation

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