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Solid Waste Disposal at the Uralsk Landfill

EasyChair Preprint no. 4655

6 pagesDate: November 26, 2020


Environment problems associated with the generation of waste are part of societal changes where household solid waste play an important role. For the effective planning of solid-waste handling infrastructure, it is essential to know the quantity of waste generation and its composition. This study of purpose is the problem of recycling and recycling of solid household waste using new technologies. The solid waste disposal site of the city of Uralsk was investigated for the collection and subsequent disposal of solid waste. According to the regional Department of ecology, the mass of accumulated household waste throughout the WKO at the beginning of the year reached 6.3 million tons. And the total area of landfills is already more than 550 hectares. During 2018, more than 108 thousand tons of household waste were placed in landfills and village dumps. If we take into account that the population of the region is 649,460 people, then 178 kg of household waste per West Kazakhstan citizen. Were investigated in 6 points of waste collection and disposal site. The studied parameters were the formation and composition of waste, technologies used at the Uralsk landfill for waste disposal and disposal. Municipal solid waste consists of ten categories of waste and has the largest component (35%). Accordingly, the use of alternative measures, accompanied by awareness-raising activities and investments in solid waste management, will further improve and preserve the cleanliness of the environment.

Keyphrases: environment, environmental problems, Landfill., Recycling, SOLID HOUSEHOLD WASTE

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