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Study of THF Hydrate in Porous Media in a Cylindrical Reactor

EasyChair Preprint no. 1605

4 pagesDate: October 9, 2019


This work deals with formation and growth of THF hydrate in porous media in a cylindrical reactor. In clear media, the temperature distribution is determined at two locations to compare with porous media. Experiments in porous media are conducted using glass beads (3.5mm-4.5mm) and sand (.05mm-.9mm). Induction times are compared for different runs with same particle size. Cooling curve is an important part of THF hydrate study in cylindrical reactor. Therefore, experimental temperature distribution for the cooling curve at the centre of reactor is compared with numerical simulated and analytical results. Experimental observations are in good match with numerical simulated/analytical results which emphasized that conduction is dominant mode of heat transfer for temperature prediction at the centre of reactor. Unexpectedly, it is found that temperature starts falling after 2 h from initial hydrate formation in case of porous media (sand) and a tangible explanation is attempted to explain this observation.

Keyphrases: Cooling Curve, hydrate, induction time, porous media

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