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Geodetic and Microgravity Measurement used in St. Mary´s Assumption Chapel

EasyChair Preprint no. 411

4 pagesDate: August 8, 2018


With an intersection on modern technologies into the sphere of geodesy and geophysics, there increase the number of possibilities of these technologies to be used. There are also ways to make the research and measurements more attractive for general public. There can be not only interest in the way of final results but also from the processing points of view. For example the sizes of historical sites need to be measured but the semi-product of processing can be also 3D model of the object. This product can be used for increasing of object attractiveness or as a base for next research. This is also the direction needed to be selected, to make the science more attractive and interesting for the public.

Keyphrases: 3D model, 3D scanning, Historical object, Microgravimetric survay, Microgravity, Radar

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