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Assessment of challenges and opportunities of e-payment in Sudan

EasyChair Preprint no. 2001

8 pagesDate: November 19, 2019


Electronic payment is one of the ways to pay off all financial obligations electronically. It is also a system provided by financial and banking institutions to make the electronic payment process safe and easy, and this system is subject to laws, which make all financial movements in strict confidentiality, to ensure the protection and safety of the user and avoid risks of carrying money that could be stolen and endanger the holder. Therefore, they are closely related to information and communication technology (ICT), which complement their electronic procedures.
This paper discussed the impact of e-payment and the experiences of some countries in the field of electronic payment and also mentioned the experiences of Sudan and the payment systems currently available in both traditional and electronic types. In addition, the challenges facing the spread of electronic payment in all technical and non-technical aspects.
Also, attempts to study mainly the opportunities and challenges of e-payment in Sudan and find appropriate solutions to reduce all problems that face us in e-payment to make Sudan more sophisticated and use for technology.
The results of this paper included the obstacles of electronic payment and discussed the reasons for these obstacles and what are the basic methods and requirements that we need to develop the payment systems and overcome the challenges and obstacles facing the technology and the future of electronic payment.

Keyphrases: electronic payment, Information Security, Mobile Banking, payment methods

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