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Automatic Braking System with Pneumatic Bumper

EasyChair Preprint no. 8513

6 pagesDate: July 20, 2022


Now, a automobile accident day is that the main downside. This braking system used AN innovative style to forestall accidents on restricted traffic roads. The aim of this method is predicated on AN intelligent electronic management with automatic bumper activation system, called the "Pneumatic Bumper Automatic Braking System". This method is mounted on four-wheel vehicles. Generally, this method consists of 2 mechanisms and therefore these or the automated braking system and the gas bumper system. The automatic braking system uses the detector that detects the vehicle that's approaching our system. And that may be the reason behind an accident. Then the detector sends data to the engine through the relay to prevent the engine from running throughout parallel operation of the automated braking system, the motive force of the vehicle conjointly tries to prevent the vehicle by pressing the treadle. The limit switch is provided beneath the treadle that at the same time activated the gas bumper and therefore the hydraulic brakes to scale back the injury that happens to our vehicle if each vehicles strike one another. This ensures pre-accident safety for the vehicle additionally this method improves the vehicle's brake time interval to keep up a secure distance between 2 vehicles. Using this method, we have a tendency to check the speed of the vehicle over tiny distances. Therefore, we have a tendency to try to hold out the project on the "emergency brakes with automatic bumper system".

Keyphrases: Bumper, emergency, Parking

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