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LQR and PID Control Design for a Pneumatic Diaphragm Valve

EasyChair Preprint no. 5197

7 pagesDate: March 23, 2021


This work demonstrates the design and compares the performance of two different digital control techniques for a modeled pneumatic diaphragm valve. The valve model is derived using first-principles modeling, the Karnopp friction model and approximates the I/P converter dynamics with a first order filter. The digital PID and LQR controllers were chosen to compensate the valve friction. A proposed contribution is to implement a digital LQR control using the Bryson rule and the Pincer technique to tune the matrices Q and R based on requirements response, maximum deviation of states variables and control effort. The robustness of the LQR controller compared to the PID controller is presented in this paper.

Keyphrases: digital control, I/P converter, LQR, PID, pneumatic valve

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