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Climate Change and the Impact of Waste Water Management in Palestine

EasyChair Preprint no. 10473

19 pagesDate: June 30, 2023


Palestine is a country with limited water resources. The population is growing urbanization increasing and the rapid growth of agriculture require the development of the available resources. The most water resources are the scarcity of precipitation and ground water only. For that reason substantial quantities of wastewater can properly utilized by wastewater treatment plant. Wastewater is defined as the combination of liquid or water carried wastes removed from residential, commercial, and storm water. Wastewater contain some heavy metals that have dangerous effects on life, micro-organisms and dissolved gases such as nitrogen and carbon dioxide. Discharging raw waste to the environment causes problems and pollution, there for the treatment of wastewater is essential to prevent pollution and protect the environment In this project the environment about wastewater treatment, purpose of wastewater treatment, description of quantity and quality of wastewater that will be treated, and a description of the environmental impact of the project on agriculture and ground water and the acceptance of people to the idea of the reuse of wastewater after treatment.

Keyphrases: environment, Palestine, Treatment., wastewater, water

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