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Effect of Vertical Irregularity on Diagrid Structures Analyzed with Composite Columns and Conventional Columns

EasyChair Preprint no. 10073

10 pagesDate: May 12, 2023


An earthquake is a sudden movement of the earth caused by the abrupt release of long-accumulated strain. Plate tectonic forces have shaped the earth for millions of years. Conceptual frameworks and innovative combinations are therefore required to reduce the effect of earthquakes on high-rise structures. Diagrid structural system is a recent advancement in the construction industry that has been widely used for tall buildings due to their structural efficiency and aesthetic potential provided by the system's unique geometric configuration. The diagrid structure employs triangulated grids in place of vertical columns in the periphery. As a result, systems that are more efficient at achieving stiffness against lateral loads are considered better options for tall building design. The primary goal of this thesis is to determine the optimum vertical irregular diagrid structure for different vertical irregular ratios according to IS 1893-2016 in terms of storey displacement and then analyze it with composite and conventional columns for seismic and wind conditions for zone 3 using ETABS 2019.1v software according to Indian codes. The seismic behaviour of vertical irregular diagrid structures with conventional and composite columns is compared in this paper. A comparative study is conducted based on the results to determine the best performing vertical irregular diagrid structure in terms of seismic and wind activity. It was found that vertical irregular diagrid building with the composite column shows better performance. The parameters compared to determine the best performing vertical diagrid structure are storey displacement, storey drift, and storey shear.

Keyphrases: diagrid structure, seismic response, Storey displacement, Vertical irregularity

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