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Some Applications of the Software GRAN1 to Analyze Two-Dimensional Continuous Probability Distributions

EasyChair Preprint no. 5679

10 pagesDate: June 3, 2021


The article considers the use of GRAN1 software in the analysis of two-dimensional continuous probability distributions. The learning process can be provided by freely distributable software, through the use of cloud technologies, in particular software from the GRAN package. However, the use of any technology in the educational process, including modern information and communication technologies, as well as the content of education, must be pedagogically balanced, which will avoid any negative consequences for the formation of the future member of society, his mental and physical development. Attention is drawn to the fact that children are increasingly looking for entertainment, using mobile devices, sharing new products with their peers and spending time together, playing a variety of online games, and parents cannot control this process. At the same time, teachers conduct lessons using mobile devices to draw attention to the subject, they are teaching. In the process of using computer technology, students can form a special type of thinking, the so-called "clip consciousness", which leads to fragmentary thinking and the irreversibility of changes in consciousness. Therefore, the problem of excessive use of mobile devices by children requires constant analysis and coverage. The article discusses some examples of using the GRAN1 software to solve problems in probability theory. Examples of approximate calculation of the value of the double integral are given. Tables of values of the corresponding integrals are described. The use of modern information and communication technologies during mathematics lessons is considered.

Keyphrases: cloud technologies, software GRAN1, two-dimensional continuous probability distribution

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