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Game-Theoretic Strategies for Quantum-Conventional Network Infrastructures

EasyChair Preprint no. 10444

8 pagesDate: June 28, 2023


Fundamentally and practically, quantum networks and conventional networks are inextricably tied, since the basic quantum protocols such as teleportation require both networks and the conventional network fiber is also used for the quantum network. A Recursive System of Systems (RSOS) model is developed for quantum-conventional (QC) networks by modeling the correlations at various levels based on the failure and attack modes of quantum, conventional and hybrid components and the propagative effects across QC boundaries. A game-theoretic formulation is developed to capture the cost-benefit trade-offs of the provider in defending against component attacks, using sum-form utility functions. By applying the Nash Equilibrium results, the conditions and sensitivity functions of the survival probabilities of a QC network at different levels are derived using the strong dependencies between quantum and conventional infrastructures. The results provide insights into the dependencies between conventional and quantum networks, including cross QC boundary effects in terms of disruption impact of conventional networks on quantum networks, and vice versa.

Keyphrases: game theory, quantum conventional correlations, quantum conventional networks, recursive system of systems

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