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Both Classical & Quantum Information: Both Bit & Qubit. Both Physical & Transcendental Time

EasyChair Preprint no. 5862

24 pagesDate: June 23, 2021


Information can be considered as the most fundamental, philosophical, physical and mathematical concept originating from the totality by means of physical and mathematical transcendentalism (the counterpart of philosophical transcendentalism). Classical and quantum information, particularly by their units, bit and qubit, correspond and unify the finite and infinite. As classical information is relevant to finite series and sets, as quantum information, to infinite ones. A fundamental joint relativity of the finite and infinite, of the external and internal is to be investigated. The corresponding invariance is able to define physical action and its quantity only on the basis of information and especially: on the relativity of classical and quantum information. The concept of transcendental time, an epoché in relation to the direction of time arrow can be defined. Its correlate is that information invariant to the finite and infinite, therefore unifying both classical and quantum information.

Keyphrases: bit and qubit, classical and quantum information, Epoché, physical and mathematical transcendentalism, qubit space (qubit Hilbert space), separable complex Hilbert space, the totality, transcendental time

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