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Slugless Jet with Bimetallic Lined Shaped Charge

EasyChair Preprint no. 9766

13 pagesDate: February 23, 2023


Slug of about 80% mass of the liner produced in the traditional shaped charges. When the liners diffusion welded under isostatic conditions, the bimetallic cones produced can provide a slug to less than 20% theoretically and less than 10% in practice. Such slugless jets provide different advantages like exothermicity and improved penetration performance. Soft recovery of the collapsed liner on detonation proved an effective method to study the phenomenon. Physical and metallurgical investigation of the recovered slug and jet particles confirms the facts postulated to get about slug with 20.45% of the original liner mass.

Keyphrases: bimetallic shaped charge, jet, shaped charge, Slug

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