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Localization Patterns of Language Errors in the Brain during Direct Electrical Stimulation: A Systematic Review

EasyChair Preprint no. 6479

3 pagesDate: August 30, 2021


Awake craniotomy with direct electrical stimulation (DES) is the standard treatment for eloquent glioma patients. Language errors are detected with DES and indicate functional boundaries that are maintained during tumor resection to preserve quality of life. The Dutch Linguistic Intraoperative Protocol (DuLIP) was the first linguistic test-battery for glioma patients with tasks at different linguistic modalities/levels. To update DuLIP, we investigate the localization of different speech/language errors. A systematic review was conducted. 102 studies were included reporting on speech/language errors and their corresponding brain locations during awake glioma craniotomy with DES. A wide distribution of brain locations for all errors (n=930) was found with different patterns. Cortically, errors occurred most often in the precentral gyrus, while subcortically at the inferior fronto-occipital fascicle (IFOF). Localization patterns for specific errors were also found: speech errors (n=388)-precentral gyrus, inferior frontal gyrus, postcentral gyrus, frontal aslant/striatal tract; speech initiation difficulty (n=9)-frontal aslant tract, frontal striatal tract, supplementary motor area; semantic errors (n=128)-IFOF, superior temporal gyrus; phonemic errors (n=115)-arcuate fascicle, superior longitudinal fascicle, uncinate fascicle; syntactic errors (n=15)-inferior frontal gyrus; reading errors (n=25)-temporal lobe, inferior longitudinal fascicle; writing errors (n=7)-superior parietal gyrus. The localization of most errors are consistent with the assumed functionality of those brain areas as presented in the DuLIP model. However, additional locations for articulation/motor speech, phonology, reading and writing were found and added to the model. This updated DULIP model should be considered for future selection of perioperative language tasks to improve language testing/monitoring, which may pave the way to a better postoperative language outcome.

Keyphrases: Direct electrical stimulation, Language function, Speech/language errors

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