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Android Application on Domestic Services - eSEVA

EasyChair Preprint no. 240

7 pagesDate: June 8, 2018


This project is about developing an android application for users who are basically shifted to a new location. The app helps you find nearby services and other useful locations in your area. It not only provides vital information like what kinds of services are provided, it also offers user-submitted reviews and ratings. Since the app uses your mobile device's GPS, it can easily help you find services nearby. Alternatively, you can also indicate a city of your choice to search elsewhere. You can conduct your search based on keyword, or browse through listings by category. The app also offers a few filters to further narrow your search, including distance and price. The app's user interface is simple and straightforward, with a dashboard displaying a search bar at the top and a few icons below for additional functions like bookings, services, and feedback. Hence, the app is incredibly useful and relatively easy to use.

Keyphrases: Android, e-seva, GPS

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