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Training of the Future Primary School Teacher for the Formation of Functional Literacy in Pupils

EasyChair Preprint no. 5508

9 pagesDate: May 13, 2021


The main problem area of the article is the current issues of pedagogical science concerning the preparation of future primary school teachers for the formation of functional literacy in pupils. The emergence of these issues is determined by globalization and integration processes in the educational system of Ukraine and in the world, social transformations that affect the content of primary education, as well as modern humanitarian and scientific and technological development. This requires each individual to show functional literacy. Based on this, there is an urgent need for fundamental changes in postclassical education, caused by modern European theories, educational models, the latest tools of professional activity of primary school teachers who are responsible for the educational services provided. These changes are necessary in the context of the recommendations provided by leading European and international educational organizations, and are confirmed by the results of international PISA research. The purpose of the study involves establishing the essence of the basic concept of «functional literacy», its structure. The study found a link between functional literacy and soft skills. The program of the experiment provides for the diagnosis of the formation of functional literacy in future primary school teachers. Questionnaire and testing of final year students specialty in 013 Primary Education of Bohdan Khmelnitsky National University at Cherkasy (Ukraine) confirmed the assumption that in most students functional literacy is formed at the middle level. Key words: functional literacy, soft skills, future teachers, pupils, primary school, New Ukrainian School.

Keyphrases: Functional Literacy, future teachers, New Ukrainian School., primary school, pupils, soft skills

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