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Re-design Waterflood Pattern by Utilizing the Tracers Test Technique and Interwell Streamline Simulator

EasyChair Preprint no. 2196

10 pagesDate: December 18, 2019


The objective of this study is to utilize inter-well tracer test by streamline simulation to re-look the existing pattern, and then find the best scenario for the new pattern in order to increase oil incremental by obtaining the new scheme waterflood.

This study focuses on selecting the best scenario based on several parameters, including tracer time breakthrough, tracer production concentration, cumulative tracer production and how the tracer flows in the streamlined model, which later from the four parameters will be analyzed the relationship between injection wells and production wells. The flow path is observed and re-design for new scheme waterflood is introduced into the field

The field has been introduced waterflood couples years ago. Many scenarios of waterflood scheme have been implemented to get the best incremental oil is modeled in robust modeling. Then, the tracer streamline is used to get a better picture of the reservoir in term of transmissibility as well as the current water flow path with the existing parameters, such pressure, water cut, GOR, etc. From the streamline modeling, it is concluded the best position of the injector to have the prime oil cumulative. Subsequently, continuous huff and puff method is acquainted with specific condition into the field. The outcome exhibits the utmost oil incremental.

The novelty of this method is the ability to solve the low sweep efficiency due to non-appropriate pattern design in reasonable understanding by utilizing a robust inter-well tracer test simulation and continued by a new arrangement of waterflood scheme.

Keyphrases: streamline, tracer, Waterflood

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