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Study and Simulation of Wind Farms Based on Squirrel Cage Induction Generator in Electrical Distribution System

EasyChair Preprint no. 9663

5 pagesDate: February 4, 2023


Wind power sources are evolving and becoming more prevalent in energy systems, which has implications for a variety of operational metrics, including stability and frequency regulation. To guarantee the stability and reliability of the modern power system, it is crucial that grid-connected wind turbines operate consistently and reliably. It is still challenging to accurately and reliably characterize these generators and their components to analyze sequestered operational possibilities like short-circuit faults, soft-starting, and generator switching. To comprehensively understand the stability interactions within distribution grids or localized networks, an accurate simulation is essential. In this study, the effect of a static synchronous compensator (STATCOM) in a distribution system with an induction generator wind farm is analyzed and simulated. The studied system consists of a 9 MW wind farm linked to a 25 kV distribution system that delivers power to the grid through a 25 kV. The results show that the STATCOM can, in addition to providing active power in short-circuit fault conditions, adjust the voltage changes at the common connection point between the electricity distribution system and the wind in both normal and fault conditions. Based on the outcomes, the effectiveness of the proposed approach is highly dependent on the wind energy system’s parameters. Due to the inherent parameter uncertainty, non-stationarity, and nonlinearity in the wind power system, the use of a parameter prediction approach based on artificial intelligence (AI) is recommended for future research.

Keyphrases: Artificial Inteligent (AI), distribution system, FACTS devices, STATCOM, Wind energy conversion system

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