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Investigations of Compression and Impact Behaviour of Hemp - Graphene Composites

EasyChair Preprint no. 3753

9 pagesDate: July 6, 2020


In recent years, both academic and industrial world are focusing their attention toward the development of sustainable composites, reinforced with natural fibers. In this present work, the compression and impact behaviour of graphene reinforced with hemp fiber composites were investigated. Two different laminates of hemp fiber with graphene is prepared. The fiber is blended with epoxy resin of grade LY556 along with hardener HY 951 made through hand layup method for laminate formation with 2% graphene nano platelets. Results indicate that mechanical properties were enhanced due to the addition of graphene in natural composites. This environmentally friendly nano composite can be used for various commercial applications with partial load acting conditions.

Keyphrases: compression test, graphene handlay up process, Hemp fiber, Impact test

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