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Autocorrelation Based Spectrum Sensing in Wi-Fi and LTE-LAA Co-Existence for 5G Systems Using USRP

EasyChair Preprint no. 7228

5 pagesDate: December 17, 2021


Wi-Fi network is intended to work in unlicensed range just where it speaks with other Wi-Fi hubs. It utilizes a convention called Carrier-Sense Multiple Access/Collision Avoidance (CSMA/CA) which utilizes transporter detecting methods to stay away from crash by sending information just when its calculations sense channel to be "idle" for the transmission. Presence of both Wi-Fi and small cell LTE in unlicensed band (especially 5GHz), prompting their conjunction is a hotly debated issue for research now a days. We go for coexistence of LTE and Wi-Fi to utilize auxiliary or primary client's unused range. For clear channel evaluation, CSMA/CAA in Wi-Fi utilize both energy detection as well as channel sensing techniques whereas LTE-LAA employs just energy detection method. Energy detection is most usually utilized and straightforward spectrum sensing method yet it has numerous downsides moreover. As a technique for signal detection, energy detection experiences a few downsides. In the first place, to improve detection reliability, expanded detecting time is required. Also, there is a base SNR beneath which no signal can be recognized. Noise uncertainty brought by different elements (e.g., temperature changes, surrounding impedance, what's more, separating), is unavoidable and prompts blunders when setting the edge for signal detection. Because of all these reasons we are utilizing autocorrelation-based spectrum sensing strategy for better outcomes. Examination being completed in LabVIEW using USRP and gives better understanding of our work.

Keyphrases: Autocorrelation, LTE-LAA, spectrum sensing, USRP, Wi-Fi.

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