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Comparison of Mixed and Unmixed Turbofan Engine with Intake Air Cooling :Parametric Study and Optimization-TOPSIS Decision

EasyChair Preprint no. 9465

18 pagesDate: December 12, 2022


 In this article, the effect of inlet air temperature on turbofan engines performance and optimization of turbofan engines performance in take off condition with inlet air cooling system is investigated. The objective functions are parameters that represent performance of the turbofan engine, are as follows thrust force, Specific fuel consumption (TSFC), thermal efficiency, nitrogen oxides emission index coefficient (snox) and turbine inlet temperature. Overall compressor pressure ratio, fan pressure ratio, and bypass ratio are considered as design variables. With inlet air temperature drop, thrust, TSFC, thermal efficiency, inlet air mass flow rate,fuel mass flow rate increase and snox decreases. Values of the performance parameters of the turbofan engine vary based on the optimization with four objective  functions and hydrogen fuel to choose  the optimal modes ,by defining weight coefficient and using the TOPSIS algorithm that have been selected for two environmental and economic approaches. For both engines with both approaches and using the decision-making method, the highest score and low score for optimization state belong to snox objective function and TSFC objective function, respectively. Thrust force of CFM56 3B2 and GENX 1B70 engines based on optimization with snox have increased by about 19.1% and 12.6%compared to the design.

Keyphrases: environment-economic- thermo-economic, fuel, Inlet air cooling

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