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Decentralized Blockchain Voting System

EasyChair Preprint no. 7158

3 pagesDate: December 6, 2021


Voting is a fundamental right for every nation. An Electronic Voting (E-Voting) system is a voting system in which the election process is notated, saved, stored, and processed digitally, which makes the voting management task better than the traditional paper-based method. Blockchain is offering new opportunities to develop new types of digital services. In this project, the concept of developing an electronic voting system using blockchain technology is implemented. The two-level architecture provides a secure voting process without the redundancy of existing (not based on blockchain) systems. The blockchain-based voting project has two modules to make the whole project integrated and work along. One will be the Election Commission who will be responsible for creating elections, adding registered parties and candidates contesting for the election added under the smart contracts. The other end will be the voter's module where everyone can cast a vote for their respective Assembly Constituency and the vote will be registered on the blockchain to make it tamper-proof.

Keyphrases: Decentralized, FairVoting, voting

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