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Cultural Intelligence and E-Leadership in the Hybrid Virtual Team Context

EasyChair Preprint no. 10862

11 pagesDate: September 7, 2023


Hybrid work configurations challenge what we know about the role of team leader. This research-in-progress paper explores the role of cultural intelligence (CI) in virtual teams (VTs) in the hybrid context. We use the concept of CI, which has been seen as a skill that enables adaptability with a positive influence on performance in earlier types of VTs. Given that new VTs are more hybrid and characterised by high levels of complexity, our study uses cultural dimensions at the team and in-dividual levels to explore how CI influences VTs in this new context and how leaders can leverage it to manage them. We present our two-phase research involving an exploratory survey (Phase 1) to identify popular types of hybrid work environments, and a case-study (Phase 2) involving one or two types of hybrid environments (opposite or significantly different), depending on what we will find in Phase 1. The study is expected to contribute to the fields of information systems (IS) and cross-cultural management and to offer practical recommendations for human resources (HR) managers by supporting HR initiatives and training programs and offering suggestions to e-leaders for improving team performance through the development of CI.

Keyphrases: Cultural Intelligence, e-leadership, hybrid work, virtual teams

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