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ORR Reactivity of Surface Ni Along with Pt Surface in Pt-Ni Surface

EasyChair Preprint no. 4760

9 pagesDate: December 20, 2020


 Nanoporous Pt-Ni more specific are synthesized via selective dissolution of Ni attains a more catalytic activity towards oxygen reduction reaction (ORR). With the help of kinetic Monte Carlo simulation, we observed that change in the nanoporous Pt-Ni is separate from the very known Pt high in the first layer of Platinum-Nickel catalytic surface. In the Platinum-Nickel, first layer and second layer both are high in Pt. A less quantity of Ni is stays on the first layer. With help of density functional theory, ORR speeds up several orders because of surface Ni atoms. We considered various Platinum-Nickel configurations in this paper. production of OH is the rate-determining step based on our reports in the ORR. At lower amount of Ni, nanoporous Pt-Ni shows 8 times more ORR than pure Pt catalyst.

Keyphrases: density functional theory, Nanoporous, ORR

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