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Efficient Leadership in the 21st Century

EasyChair Preprint no. 1250

7 pagesDate: June 30, 2019


The success of a company operating in a dynamic environment conditions may be determined by the quality of its leadership and the power and efficiency of its leader. It is up to the leader to choose the leadership style. In principle, it depends on the leader’s experience, knowledge and personality, i.e. the emotional intelligence. The main task of the leader is to take care of the team as it is the team that will implement the corporate tasks and goals. A trusted army of people – managers and ordinary employees - is therefore the most precious asset of each great leader. By choosing the management style based on the knowledge of human nature, thanks to which the needs related to recognition, sense of belonging, development and self-realisation of employees are met, each company can make the world a better place apart from achieving its own strategic goals.

Keyphrases: Emotional Intelligence, Leader, Leadership, management

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