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Research on Applying TRIZ for Improving Automatic Synchronization for Multi-machine Setup

EasyChair Preprint no. 1973

4 pagesDate: November 18, 2019


Industrial automation with the purpose of pursuing higher productivity and product quality is an important trend seen in the manufacturing sector of most developed countries. Multi-machine’s data synchronization is an important factor to its synergism. It provides a way to start the motors simultaneously, while improving the timing accuracy of a multi-machine motor receiving an order from a controller. This research utilizes TRIZ’s substance-field analysis and system modeling to renovate and enhance the way of starting the motors synchronously. The modified method of starting motors synchronously not only enables the multi-machine motor driver to receive commands from the controller simultaneously, but also corrects the time delay for the signals of the controller that arrive at the motor driver. This decreases discrepancies in processing.

Keyphrases: Automated synchronous setup, Substance-Field Analysis, TRIZ

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