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Resource Allocation Strategy in the Design of BIM Dimensions in Detailed Engineering

EasyChair Preprint no. 5650

16 pagesDate: May 28, 2021


The Building Information Modeling technology, (henceforth BIM), in its life cycle from beginning to end, develops the Detailed Engineering process, where it is necessary to apply a correct resource allocation strategy, in the dimensions of the 4D time and 5D cost, as a way of materializing scheduling, cost control and integration, in a process of preparing project documentation, before construction. The objective of the topic, is the development of the resource allocation strategy, based on the applications of the critical path and the cost / time slope, in the 4D and 5D dimensions of BIM, as a way of guaranteeing compliance with the directive figures of Basic Engineering, and the obtaining of the results, in the term of time, within the framework of the budget and with the required quality, by the client and the interested parties. In the process, the contents of the 3D design are developed, the allocation of resources, the times, the computer support and the information is prepared for the development of the next construction process, within the framework of the integrated management system provided by the BIM.

Keyphrases: allocation, BIM, detailed, Engineering, resource, Strategy

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