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Implementation of TIER : Table Index Evaluator and Recommender

EasyChair Preprint no. 4190

4 pagesDate: September 15, 2020


Most of the relational database management systems have built-in tuning tools that recommend indexes to be created on tables. These tools consider queries of the single database. They do not support queries that are based on tables of multiple databases within the same relational DBMS or tables of multiple heterogeneous relational DBMSs. In this demonstration, the system “Table Index Evaluator and Recommender (TIER)” is presented which analyzes and recommends table indexes for queries that retrieve data from multiple heterogeneous distributed databases. The system takes set of queries as input, parses queries, analyzes and evaluates existing indexes and recommends new set of indexes.

Keyphrases: benchmark factory, create bitmap index, Database Management System, Distributed Database, Distributed Databases, Index Evaluator, index recommendation, Index Recommender, information system, multiple heterogeneous distributed database, oracle user, oracles sql analyzer, recommend index, recommended index, remote table, table index evaluator, Tier, Transaction Performance, user load

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