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The Importance of Interconnection Between Different Disciplines in the Restoration Process

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8 pagesDate: May 21, 2021


The present paper describes a series of restoration theories, which can be applied to the ensemble from Banloc, which would lead to the economic renewal as well as the cultural one. The complex of Banloc includes five buildings: the manor, the kitchen, the stall, the hunting pavilion and the house of the housekeeper. The focus aims the hunting pavilion, which is an octagonal construction, having two floors with late baroque influences, built around 1850’s. The article describes studies and microbiologic and composition lab analyzes of materials taken from the scene, which demonstrate through multiple information the correct decision of restoration and also with the aim to demonstrate the importance of the connection between many subjects and for the correct approach of the restoration solutions.

Keyphrases: analysis, Architecture, Diffraction, Fungi, historical monument, intervention, knowledge, research, restoration, wavelength dispersion

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