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Towards Securing the Internet of Things with QUIC

EasyChair Preprint no. 2434, version 2

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6 pagesDate: January 21, 2020


This paper is the first to evaluate the feasibility of deploying QUIC, a new UDP-based transport protocol currently undergoing IETF standardization, directly on resource- constrained IoT devices. It quantifies the storage, compute, memory and energy requirements of the Quant QUIC stack on two different IoT platforms, and finds that a minimal standards-compliant QUIC client currently requires approximately 58 to 63KB of flash, around 4KB of stack, and can retrieve 5KB of data in 4.2 to 5.1 s over 0-RTT or 1-RTT connections, using less than 16 KB of heap memory (plus packet buffers), less than 4 KB of stack memory and less than 1.09 J of energy per transaction.

Keyphrases: constrained node, Hypertext Transfer Protocol, IoT, network stack, QUIC, system software, Transport Layer Security, Transport Protocol

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