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Delivery Method for Rapid Bridge Construction

EasyChair Preprint no. 7597

9 pagesDate: March 17, 2022


A growing body of previous studies suggested that Alternative Contracting Methods (ACM) could foster constructability, increase innovation, reduce schedules, decrease risks, have a higher project intensity, and eventually save on project costs. The objective of this study was to compare Design-Build procurement and delivery of Bridges in Georgia with Design-Bid-Build in terms of cost, schedule, and intensity. The study used factual data from all Bridges completed using Design-Build and Design-Bid-Build delivery methods between 2008 and 2018. Data points were collected through personal interviews and survey questionnaires with Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) personnel. The intended audiences for the study were State DOT officials engaged in the bridge procurement process. The findings from this study would benefit State DOTs by improving their understanding of the advantages of the Design-Build delivery method, most importantly expediting bridge construction projects in metropolitan areas where each day delay could impact millions of users impacted. The study also provided quantitative evidence in support of advantages achieved from the Design-Build delivery method in terms of cost growth, schedule reduction, and project intensity as compared to the Design-Bid-Build delivery method.

Keyphrases: Alternative Contracting Method (ACM), cost growth, Design-Bid-Build (DBB), Design-Build (DB), Project Intensity, Schedule growth

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