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Investigation of the Sealing Node of the Pipe Holder of the Mobile Lifting and Lowering Device

EasyChair Preprint no. 5269

4 pagesDate: April 1, 2021


Continuation of the working process in windy weather conditions and wind speeds exceeding 5 m / s with the application of a sealant to the pipe holder handles of mobile lifting equipment used in drilling and repair of research wells, increasing the reliability of the pipe holder and preventing plastic deformations. , dedicated to increasing longevity.
In order to ensure the safety of the lifting and lowering process during drilling and repair of wells, and even to continue such a process of wind speed between 5-10 m / s, a new design proposal was proposed to apply a pipe holder to the lifting and lowering device of mobile units.
Drilling plugs are safely lifted and lowered at the expense of the pipe holder. The applied handles prevent the pipe from tilting from the wellbore. However, in this case, the rubber element of the pipe holder handle is exposed to shocks due to the dynamic wind force of the pipe. This can cause the rubber element of the handle to wear out and break down quickly, crushing the pipes. In order to eliminate the fatigue of the elastic element in the structural structure of the pipe holder, its material consists of 3 details in the design structure with the choice of double-panel matrix rubber, and each detail is completed in the form of a cylindrical tube. In this case, when the compression process occurs in contact with the pipe handle, the deformations in the rubber will fill the cavity, which reduces the amplitude of cyclic plastic deformation, delays the formation of local stresses, regulates the pressure distribution and increases fatigue resistance, delays the process of fatigue. ensures that it retains its ability.

Keyphrases: elastic element, Fatigue, loading, macrochat, microchat, pipe holder, plastic deformation

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