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OSINT Knowledge Graph for Fact-Checking: Google Map Hacks Debunking

EasyChair Preprint no. 9975, version 2

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12 pagesDate: May 16, 2023


The continuing spread of disinformation on the Web has caused a great demand for automatic fact-checking tools to help institutions and practitioners check the truthiness of web content. Existing literature presents numerous solutions for specific tasks, such as textual fact-checking or image/video truthiness, that, together with the availability of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) tools and principles, paves the way for new comprehensive solutions. This work introduces a Knowledge Graph-based approach for fact-checking and news debunking. The idea is to map fact-checking workflow activities leveraging OSINT to specific scenarios emerging from Web and social media monitoring. The reference Knowledge Graph is constructed by analyzing sources through Text Mining and Semantic Analysis techniques. Finally, a real case study is carried out to show the applicability of the approach for fact-checking purposes.

Keyphrases: debunking, fact checking, misinformation, OSINT

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