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Maintenance Optimization of Goliath Crane in Supply Current Cable Trolley System

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9 pagesDate: February 2, 2021


Gammon India limited is one of the leading tower companies with exposure in extra high voltage transmission line and distribution projects since 1984. They have in-house facility for design, testing and tower manufacturing capacity (110,000 TPA) and have supplied towers/structure over 6, 00,000 metric tons including 87,000 metric tons to different countries. They are ISO certified for design, testing, manufacturing and turnkey projects. The various types of cranes utilized in transmission Tower Company like goliath  or gantry crane, electrical overhead travelling crane and hydra (JCB) to shift unprocessed materials, semi-process and end products from one station to another station. The goliath/gantry cranes are placed in unprocessed and processed yard and it is used to transfer unprocessed materials from raw yard to different machine in machine shop also it transfer end products from steel yard to different transport vehicles like container, trailer etc. The high breakdown occurs in goliath/gantry cranes due to breakage of supply current trolley cable, so high maintenance and production cost is involved and after every two years supply current trolley cable is replaced by new one. In this paper an entire though is given as regards how to optimize breakdown and production loss by implementing bus-bar/ current collector system on gantry/goliath crane. The current collector or bus-bar system is employed to provide three phase current to different motors of gantry/goliath crane.

This paper presents evolving a maintenance optimization of gantry/goliath crane in supply current cable trolley system.

Keyphrases: bus-bar system., cable trolley system, Goliath crane

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