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Intelligent Solar Desalination System on Sea Water

EasyChair Preprint no. 2584

5 pagesDate: February 6, 2020


The Invention “DRINKABLE SEA WATER “ is to Applicable See water. The technology -
Desalination is one of the most traditional processes to generate potable water. With the rise in
demand for potable water and scarcity of fresh water resources, this process has gained special
importance. Conventional desalination system use coal as a fuel for water heating purpose.
Although coal is depleting with time and it is harmful to human. In addition, conventional thermal
desalination processes involve evaporative methods such as multi-stage flash and solar distils,
which are found to be energy intensive, whereas reverse osmosis based systems have high
operating and maintenance costs. My invention is describes the Try bed Adsorption Desalination
(3-BAD) system, which is an emerging process of thermal desalination cum refrigeration capable
of utilizing low-grade heat easily obtainable from even non-concentrating type solar collectors.
The system employs a combination of flash evaporation and thermal compression to generate
cooling and desalinated water. Parabolic trough collector used for heating of water. To design,
construct and test the solar desalination system with try and more adsorbed bed. It also has the
ability to cool the water along with potable water. The cycle produces 7.598 litres/day in a span
of 7.30 hours with a COP of 0.697, which is maximum, comes at noon. This technology produces
single products sdrinkable water.

Keyphrases: conventional, Desalination, evaporation

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