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Geomechanical and Geophysical Investigations in Repaired Underground Structures

EasyChair Preprint no. 2809

6 pagesDate: February 28, 2020


A new approach provides increased economic efficiency of the design decisions and their subsequent implementation in repaired underground structures. The key element of the approach is the geomechanical and geophysical investigations during geological surveys in the period of the design works on underground structures’ reconstruction. In particular, geomechanical and geophysical investigations allow assessing the quality of interaction between the rock massif and existing supporting structures, as well as the condition of the existing lining which should be dismantled. Another part of the proposed approach is to take into account the modern idea of the equilibrium state of rock mass which is formed during the long-term operation process of underground structures. The implementation of the above mentioned set of measures makes it possible to optimize the newly built lining parameters without increasing the regulatory load on the structure where such increase cannot actually occur, and increasing the load bearing capacity where it is totally justified. The article underlines the necessity of a variant approach to the construction technology selection, structural parameters, and characteristics of the materials that should be used. The need for the geotechnical monitoring at all stages in repaired underground structures with the new lining construction is specifically highlighted.

Keyphrases: Equilibrium state of rock mass, Geomechanical and geophysical investigations, geotechnical monitoring, Lining parameters, long-term operation, old tunnel lining, railway tunnel, reconstruction, repair, rock pressure, stress-strain state, transport tunnel, underground structure enclosing massif system

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