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Photodegradation of Phenol with Hdl of Mg-Al and Zn-Al

EasyChair Preprint no. 2173

3 pagesDate: December 16, 2019


Nowadays water scarcity is one of the main problems facing humanity due to demographic overexploitation and misuse among other causes, due to this existing and new processes have sought to improve the treatment of wastewater for recycling, in this According to catalytic photodegradation, it is one of the most promising processes, with TiO2 being the most used, however it has deficiencies, including the rapid recombination of the electron-hollow pair, due to this the use of new materials has become paramount among They meet the HDL.

Keyphrases: band gap, HDL, Phenol, Photodegradation, surface area

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