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Review on Decarbonizing the Building Sector in Oil and Gas Countries: the Case of Qatar

EasyChair Preprint no. 9924

6 pagesDate: April 3, 2023


Climate change is a serious international issue, and nations must move to carbon reduction to mitigate this problem. Therefore, Qatar  is building strategies, towards energy transitions and decarbonization. Whereas, energy transitions from hydrocarbons to renewable energy is challenging, since Qatar is a gas producing country. Thus, decarbonization in energy-based countries is challenging, due to their economic development dependence on fossil-fuel by exporting oil and gas, and generating energy and electricity. However, most of the global carbon emissions are caused by buildings. Hence, the challenge of energy demand reduction in buildings in hot climate regions such as Qatar, is due to using air conditioning systems. Therefore, the research aims to investigate the decarbonization strategies implemented in the building sector in oil and gas countries, where electricity bills are subsidised by the government. In order to tailor decarbonization strategies for Qatar, according to the country’s context and social status.

Keyphrases: buildings, climate change, Decarbonisation, Energy, Qatar

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