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Mentoring and Guiding College Students Online

EasyChair Preprint no. 8601

11 pagesDate: August 4, 2022


Mentoring has been regarded as one of the key learning techniques in the modern learning environment in the recent past. The teaching and learning process is an art form and enterprise that is rich in human interaction. While mentoring programs have become common, the research on these programs has not kept pace. As online and distance education becomes more pervasive, computer-mediated mentoring allows learners to connect with their mentors in new ways. The findings of the study recommend that the higher educational institutes should administer a sound mentoring process that meets the ethical backgrounds to consistently support the continuous improvement of the students in an online learning environment to enhance their engagement in learning activities. Undergraduate student mentoring is increasingly taking place online, thanks to the development of online undergraduate programs and, more recently, higher education institutions' moves to online interactions in response to the COVID-19 crisis. For the individuals in a mentoring dyad and for universities offering online or blended undergraduate education, the challenges, tactics, and outcomes connected with the online mentoring of graduate students are of primary relevance.

Keyphrases: computer-mediated, Mentoring, online learning, student engagement, student success

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