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Comparative Evaluation of Metformin-Induced Cytotoxicity in Breast Cancer Cell Lines

EasyChair Preprint no. 13511

18 pagesDate: June 3, 2024


Breast cancer remains a significant health concern worldwide, necessitating the exploration of novel treatment approaches. Metformin, a widely prescribed antidiabetic drug, has shown promising anticancer properties in breast cancer. However, its cytotoxic effects and underlying mechanisms in different breast cancer cell lines remain poorly understood. This study aimed to comparatively evaluate metformin-induced cytotoxicity in various breast cancer cell lines.


The methodology involved the selection of representative breast cancer cell lines and their exposure to varying concentrations of metformin. Cell viability and cytotoxicity were assessed using established assays, and dose-response curves were constructed to determine the IC50 values. Furthermore, the study investigated the impact of metformin on cell death mechanisms, including apoptosis induction and autophagy modulation. Additionally, the metabolic effects of metformin, such as its influence on glucose metabolism and mitochondrial function, were evaluated.


The results of this study revealed differential sensitivity to metformin among the breast cancer cell lines tested. The dose-response curves demonstrated varying IC50 values, indicating distinct cytotoxic effects. Moreover, the analysis of cell death mechanisms suggested that metformin induced apoptosis in some cell lines while modulating autophagy in others. Additionally, significant alterations in glucose metabolism and mitochondrial function were observed, highlighting the metabolic effects of metformin treatment.

Keyphrases: AMP-activated protein kinase, Combination therapies, Metformin, mitochondrial function, Pleiotropic effects, synergistic effects

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