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Dolius: A Distributed Parallel SAT Solving Framework

11 pagesPublished: July 28, 2014


Over the years, parallel SAT solving becomes more and more important. However, most of state-of-the-art parallel SAT solvers are portfolio-based ones. They aim at running several times the same solver with different parameters. In this paper, we propose a tool called Dolius, mainly based on the divide and conquer paradigm. In contrast to most current parallel efficient engines, Dolius does not need shared memory, can be distributed, and scales well when a large number of computing units is available. Furthermore, our tool contains an API allowing to plug any SAT solver in a simple way.

Keyphrases: distributed computing, Framework, SAT platform

In: Daniel Le Berre (editor). POS-14. Fifth Pragmatics of SAT workshop, vol 27, pages 1--11

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