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Functional Pearl: the Proof Search Monad

15 pagesPublished: September 27, 2016


We present the proof search monad, a set of combinators that allows one to write a proof search engine in a style that resembles the formal rules closely. The user calls functions such as premise, prove or choice; the library then takes care of generating a derivation tree. Proof search engines written in this style enjoy: first, a one-to-one correspondence between the implementation and the derivation rules, which makes manual inspection easier; second, proof witnesses “for free”, which makes a verified, independent validation approach easier too.

Keyphrases: backtracking, derivation, monad, proof search, verification

In: Boris Konev, Stephan Schulz and Laurent Simon (editors). IWIL-2015. 11th International Workshop on the Implementation of Logics, vol 40, pages 91--105

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