Publication Ethics

Our Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines

EasyChair supports the code of conduct and best practices guidelines as set out by COPE (committee on publication ethics).

Please note that while EasyChair supports and respects the COPE Code of Conduct, we are not registered members of COPE.

EasyChair has a world-leading software ensuring that the reviewing, editing and publishing processes are of highest quality. We are constantly building in elements supporting publication ethics and the COPE code of conduct in our software. Some examples of modules, plugins and features supporting the above mentioned code are the following:

  • Support of a large number of reviewing models ensuring high quality of reviewing.
  • Conflict of interest management, including a very advanced conflict managent plugin.
  • The rebuttal (or review response) module, allowing authors to respond to reviews.
  • Interface to, and use of, third party plagiarism detection systems.
  • Support of double blind reviewing.
  • Reviewing quality evaluation module for conferences applying for publishing with us.
  • A module for organizing additional reviewing for conferences proceedings where we have found that reviewing does not satisfy standards accepted in the area.
  • Data publishing support allowing authors to publish data together with scholarly articles.